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Interview with Maurice Ashley at KCF Academy: Unveiling Insights from Move by Move: Life Lessons on and off the Chessboard

On April 7, the subscribers of Kasparov Chess Foundation Academy will gather for an exclusive interview with Maurice Ashley, the first African American chess grandmaster. Here, amidst the whispered echoes of strategic brilliance, Ashley will unveil insights from his latest literary endeavor, "Move by Move: Life Lessons on and off the Chessboard”, which has seen the world on April 2.

Maurice Ashley, a trailblazer in the world of chess, has not only shattered barriers but has also inspired countless individuals to embrace the profound beauty of chess.

In "Move by Move," Maurice Ashley expertly navigates readers through the profound lessons that chess has bestowed upon him about life. Drawing from personal experiences — from his humble beginnings as an immigrant kid playing matches in Brooklyn parks to ascending to the pinnacle of competitive chess — Ashley intertwines insights and anecdotes from fellow renowned players. Through concise chapters filled with practical insights, the book traverses from the fundamental to the counterintuitive, exploring themes such as self-discovery, strategic thinking, and the significance of setbacks. This compendium of wisdom serves as an invaluable gift, suitable for graduates, chess aficionados, and individuals keen on harnessing the enduring principles of the timeless game to achieve personal and professional success.

Renowned as the first African American Grandmaster in chess history, Maurice Ashley boasts a storied career as a three-time national championship coach, ESPN commentator, NBC National Chess Championships commentator and motivational speaker. Through "Move by Move," Ashley extends his passion for chess to readers, offering a compelling blend of expertise, guidance, and inspiration.

So mark your calendars for April 7 and prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and, above all, captivated by the timeless allure of chess. Stay tuned for the interview with Maurice Ashley at the Kasparov Chess Foundation Academy!

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