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Interview with Nikolaos Ntirlis at KCF Academy

On May 19 subscribers of Kasparov Chess Foundation Academy will gather for an exclusive interview with Nikolaos Ntirlis.

In the intricate world of chess, where every move is a step toward victory or defeat, the opening holds a special significance. It sets the tone, defines strategies, and lays the groundwork for the battle ahead.

Nikolaos Ntirlis, an IT specialist by profession, has carved a niche for himself as a top openings guru. He managed to built up a strong reputation as one of the most thorough opening researchers in the chess world.

It became his area of expertise – advising as an openings consultant, helping GMs and other ambitious titled players win national championships, norms or play in important tournaments like Olympiads (he served as a second preparing Danish Olympic team), top tournaments and World Championships.

He has effectively employed the English Opening in top-tier correspondence tournaments and delivers exceptional analyses.

His motto in his work and chess career is “Inform all your decisions based on data” .

Through his written works, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the field, offering invaluable insights and practical recommendations for players of all levels: make sure to check out his Playing the French, The Tarrasch Defence, Playing 1d4 d5 – A Classical Repertoire, Playing 1.e4 e5 – A Classical Repertoire, Playing the English.

In an exclusive interview at the KCF Academy, Ntirlis will dive into his approach to opening preparation and the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving chess landscape. He aims to research untraditional opening ways. He will explain to our subscribers how to work with the opening databases and how to find new ways in the openings. In modern times it is necessary to be one step ahead of your opponent in the opening preparation. Nikolaos will show how to prepare for the game and how to find ways, which are less known to your opponent. Nowadays it is crucial to choose unexpected lines first of all.

Central to Ntirlis' methodology is the utilization of opening databases as a tool for exploration and discovery. He elucidates on how to effectively navigate these vast repositories of chess knowledge, uncovering hidden gems and lesser-known variations that can catch opponents off guard.

His multifaceted background extends beyond the chessboard, boasting black belts in Okinawa Karate and Ju-Jitsu, along with a bronze medal at the European Championship in semi-contact kickboxing.

Join us for an insightful and fun interview with Nikolaos on May 19!

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